As a CAMS Steward there are some significant changes to the 2019 CAMS regulations which you should be aware of as they may affect the way you carry out your role at events.

Lap Record

A clarification of when a lap record can be established has been added.

Refer NCR 122

Competitor Licence

A modification has been made to so that there is not a conflict with the NCR and the Licence Regulations.

Refer NCR 128

Exclusion and Disqualification

The 2018 meanings of exclusion and disqualification have swapped for 2019.

This means that a Competitor/Driver/Automobile will now be “disqualified” from a session/race/event not “excluded”.

Exclusion can only be imposed by CAMS and wouldn’t normally occur during an event.

Refer NCR 191, 195 and 196 for the 2019 definitions of disqualification and exclusion

This change will affect the wording required on results if a Competitor/Driver/Automobile is disqualified.

Please contact your timing software provider if any changes are required to enable the correct wording to be displayed on results.

Right of Appeal

The right of Appeal has been limited to a Competitor or Organiser who is the subject of the decision.

Refer NCR 218


Licence Passbook

Requirements of production of Competition Licence and the associated Passbook have been clarified.

Refer Articles 13 and 14

And for those involved with circuit racing


Rolling start at circuit races

The start signal for a rolling start is now extinguishing of the red light/s at the start line.

Refer RMSR 6.4 Step 4

Rain Light

The requirements for a rain light to be fitted to the rear of vehicles for racing have been added to Schedule C.

The conditions for activating the light are detailed in the RMSR.

Refer RMSR 6.9

Pit Lane

A definition of Pit Lane has been added to assist with determination of infringements.

Refer RMSR 6.10

Suspended Race

The length of suspension may be added to the race time if approved by the Stewards and it is not in conflict with any specific Sporting Regulation.

Refer RMSR 6.15(a)(vii)(A)

Code of Driving Conduct

There are a numerous alterations to the wording of the Code of Driving Conduct to clarify some requirements. The intent being to make it easier to identify a specific breach of the Code of Driver Conduct rather than a breach of an NCR.

Refer RMSR 7

Imposition of Penalties

Penalties that can be imposed specifically for circuit racing are listed and certain penalties identified that are not subject to appeal.

Refer RMSR 9.1 and 10.3